Winter 2018

Your Tamworth Heritage Trust is still alive and kicking! We’re sorry we have not been in contact for a while but the work continues.

The Hub is still open and expanding; it is hard to believe that it is nearly three years since we opened. Our lease is about to expire but we hope to extend it, and at the moment we are awaiting confirmation. The signs are good with several visits from the landlord’s agents who are impressed with what we are doing and the presentation we display. Their contractors have recently upgraded the electrics along with some of the lighting within the shop. A face lift to the whole of Middle Entry was also undertaken and two new businesses have opened, so the whole area looks a lot fresher.

As you know we were involved with fitting a blue plaque for Tom Williams of Reliant fame on his house on Kettlebrook Road. Since then we have fitted one to Bolehall Manor for Reverend William MacGregor. We have permission for one on 10 Colehill for Susannah Willington and her descendants – this is awaiting the completion of the restoration work now in process and should be fitted mid January There are others we are considering but more of that later.

The committee agreed several years ago to finance a new notice board in St Editha’s square. At the beginning of this year the council finally woke up to this offer and asked if we were still agreeable to this project.  It was agreed that, as long as we had the final say, an information board be erected giving details of St Editha’s Church and three members along with church representatives have worked with the council and their consultant on the wording and pictorial display for this board.  This project is now in its final stages and all being well will be unveiled early in the New Year, proudly displaying the name of Tamworth Heritage Trust.

This is how we are spending the Trust’s monies that your subscriptions help generate: if you are excited or critical why not step up and have your say, come and join the committee we are a small band and would love your input.

As the work on the information board progressed we were asked for advice on the wording for an information board facing the new Aethelflaed statue outside the railway station.

We also pushed for a plaque of some sort to be fitted on or around the anchor in the castle grounds as so many people even locals know little or nothing of its origins or history. This being yet one of the many questions asked of us as we man the Hub, which is another avenue that you could help your Trust go forward.

Earlier this year we were approached by a young history student asking if she could help in the Hub, and at the start of the long summer holiday she appeared, gave very good advice on how to improve our displays and produced an excellent time line for us to put on the wall.  Unfortunately she was poached by Birmingham Museum and Art gallery and left after a few weeks, and we thank her immensely for her contribution and wish her well for the future.

We had planned to have interesting talks, but as this seemed to clash with other groups with similar interests and many of our members are also in these other groups it has been decided, to support where possible these enterprises.  All members of Tamworth Heritage Trust and their friends are welcome to all the following forthcoming events:-

Tamworth Literary Festival 2019

Monday 4th March 7pm for 7.30 at Bolehall Manor – Academic Beverley Rogers talks about The Rev William MacGregor in his own home.

Tuesday 5th March 7pm for 7.30 at Bolehall Manor – Mel Dewhirst Staffs Poet Laureate hosts an Open Mic night for budding poets and story tellers

Wednesday 6th March Wiki Words – Mel Dewhirst’s irreverent play featuring Dr Samuel Johnson with Fired up Theatre – Venue TBA

Thursday 7th March 7pm for 7.30 Tamworth Library Crime Night – A look into crime and the role of forensics both Fiction and non Fiction

Friday 8th March 7pm for 7.30 The Castle Hotel – An Evening with Author Mary Shelley (with actress Sarra Kassourai and friends) Ticketing details TBA

Saturday 9th March – chat with a wide range of authors at Tamworth Library Books for sale with authors signing. Free



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