Tamworth History Group

Tamworth History Group was formed in October 2013 following collaboration between Tamworth Library and three researchers who were members of Tamworth Heritage Trust and has met regularly once a month since then. Initially much support was provided by Ian Burley from Tamworth Library and Matthew Blake, Participation and Engagement Officer, Archives and Heritage at Staffordshire County Council. Support is still provided by the Library with provision of a meeting room and a close relationship Matthew Blake continues to exist.

Several members of the Group have carried out research in areas of local history of interest to them. This has included the examination and analysis of some 300 settlement deeds recently uncovered as St Editha’s and looking in some detail at woman in Tamworth and World War 1.

Speakers are arranged for each meeting and have included Roger Bragger (Lawrence’s Air Force), Nigel Morris (The Peels), Maurice Arnold (Wilnecote), David Biggs (Tamworth & District Civic Society), Anthony Poulton- Smith (his publications), Christopher Jones (Midland Canals), John Tracey (Tamworth Streets), Margaret Jackman (John Rawlet) Margaret Henley (Polesworth History) and Rachel Cooksey (World War 1 Tribunals). To celebrate our third anniversary we welcomed back Roger Bragger who delighted us with the convoluted family relationships that led us to 6 Prime Ministers. This research by Roger had begun when he purchased some medals belonging to A.J.V. Hon. Peel of whom he knew very little. He then searched for a photograph and this led him to the Merevale Estate and the Dugdale family. What he has unearthed is a fascinating look into Victorian and Edwardian marriages, offspring and politics. It included a delightful slide show of images from the past and the links across the ages to former Prime Ministers including David Cameron.

We meet on the second Monday in each month from 10.30 until 12.30. in the meeting room on the second floor of the Library.

The group is informal. There are no membership fees and all that is needed is an interest in local history.

For further information please contact Diane Wells at

Future Programme

11th November 2019

Childhood Reminiscences – a number of items from yesteryear on hand to discuss and remember.

10th December 2019

Alex Farrell – brings a timely seasonal reflection on Tamworth Pantomimes, Past and Present.

13th January 2020

Eddie Smallwood – the History of Hatting in Atherstone and surrounding areas.

10th February 2020

Doreen Hopwood – Unlocking the Parish, when under the old Poor Law (to 1834) the parish was responsible for many things including bastardy, parish apprenticeships, vestry minutes, accounts of parish officers and (particularly relevant) settlements.

13th April 2020 

Ashley Wakelyn – another look at the Midland Red, this time from a personal perspective