The Reliant Motor Company

In 1934 Tom Willams chief designer left the Raleigh Company when they stopped production of motor vehicles. He believed that there was a market for a three wheeled van and along with Ewart S Thompson a colleague set to work in the shed at the bottom of the back garden of Bro-Dawel  a house at Kettlebrook, Tamworth. In August of that year their prototype was completed, There was a small set back when they found  that the van was too wide to get though the gap at the side of the house and had to be disassembled and reassembled down the road  the van was registered as a Reliant on the1st of January 1935

The Reliant company was founded shortly afterwards with premises in Two Gates Tamworth.

The company went on to produce not only vans but saloon cars becoming the best selling small car in Briton party due to the fact they could be driven on a motor bike licence, the company progressed to 4 wheels and even sports cars the Sabre & Scimitar

The Scimitar tempted many famous Stars of screen and theatre to own one, even royalty the Princess Royal Princess Anne who even visited the factory to take procession of one that she purchased.

One little known fact is that a Bond Bug was featured in one of the Star Wars films. The chassis of the Bug was the base of Luke Skywalker’s speedster with the clever use of mirrors to hide the wheels, a Reliant engineer was part of the team that constructed the Speedster2017-07-01 17.32.16


Along with Reliant Motor Club Tamworth Heritage Trust commemorated the building of the first Reliant Van by unveiling a blue plague on the house Bro Dowel on 8th July 2017 officiated by the granddaughter  of E.S.Thompson  Mrs Chorlotte Oliver and the Chairman of Tamworth Heritage Trust Mrs Margaret Clarke. The event was attended by members of Tamworth Heritage Trust and many members of The Reliant owners club some of whom arrived in their Reliant,s including Robins,Kitten and Scimitars. An insight of the company was given in a speech by ex director Mr




.Charlotte Oliver outside THE Shed




For More lots more information on the Reliant Company and their cars

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